Ian’s linker notes

Ian Tailor, the author of the gold linker has a great series of posts in his webblog.

  1. Introduction, personal history, first half of what’s-a-linker
  2. What’s-a-linker: Dynamic linking, linker data types, linker operation
  3. Address spaces, Object file formats
  4. Shared Libraries
  5. More Shared Libraries — specifically, linker implementation; ELF Symbols
  6. Relocations, Position Dependent Shared Libraries
  7. Thread Local Storage (TLS) optimization
  8. ELF Segments and Sections
  9. Symbol Versions, Relaxation optimization,
  10. Parallel linking
  11. Archive format
  12. Symbol resolution
  13. Symbol resolution from the user’s point of view; Static Linking vs. Dynamic Linking
  14. Link time optimization, aka Whole Program optimization; Initialization Code
  15. COMDAT sections
  16. C++ Template Instantiation, Exception Frames
  17. Warning Symbols,
  18. Incremental Linking
  19. __start and __stop Symbols, Byte Swapping
  20. Last post; Update on gold’s status

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